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Extra Recycling Bins

If your residence would like additional recycling bins, please contact Elizabeth Township at 412-751-2880. We can either arrange to deliver the additional bin(s) that you have requested or if you would like to pick up an additional bin(s), please come to the front door of the municipal building so we can register your additional bin(s) to your property.

As a reminder:

- If you were delivered a recycling bin and do not want it and are able to bring it to the municipal building, you may do so at any time. Please place the bin at the back of the municipal building.

- Please call us if you were delivered a recycling bin and do not want it and cannot transport it to the municipal building.

-If you did not receive a recycling bin and you would like one, please contact us at 412-751-2880.

-You may keep the old Waste Management Bins (green and brown) if you would like for personal use, not to be used for recycling moving forward. If you do not want to keep these bins, you can drop them off at the municipal building and we will arrange for Waste Management to pick them up.


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