Code Enforcement

John Snelson

Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer - Building Inspector

412-751-2880 Ext. 1012

Greg Butler

Assistant Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer - Building Inspector

412-751-2880 Ext. 1016

Jess Gronlund

Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant/Occupancy Safety Inspector 

412-751-2880 Ext. 1023

If you are considering improvements or alterations to your home, property, or business, please contact the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer to discuss your plans to determine if any permits or approvals are required.


Township regulations place various restrictions on the use of property, and the location of all improvements and additions to property.


Property owners should contact the Code Enforcement Officer, John Snelson or Assistant Code Enforcement Officer, Greg Butler for more information.


Elizabeth Township requires  Occupancy Permits for single family residences, multi-family residences and commercial businesses. Occupancy Permits are required prior to anyone moving into an apartment, home or business. 

A Elizabeth Township requires Zoning Permits when adding an accessory structure to your property (swimming pool, shed, deck, fence, detached garage, etc.) or altering an existing accessory structure. Zoning permits are also required before any building permits are issued by the township.



Elizabeth Township has partnered with PROCHAMPS to administer its foreclosed property and rental property registration programs. In order to comply with the foreclosed property and rental property registration ordinance, all owners, mortgagees and trustees must register online via PROCHAMPS and pay the required registration fee.

Click the PROCHAMPS Logo Below to begin Registration!






PROCHAMPS Customer Service:        Email:            Phone: 321-421-6639



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