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Zoning Hearing Board Meeting 2/23/22

The February Zoning Hearing Board Meeting is scheduled for 2/23/22 at 7:00 pm at the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building. Masks are required to be properly worn covering both nose and mouth REGARDLESS of vaccination status.

The agenda is below:

Zoning Hearing Board Agenda 2-23-22
Download PDF • 165KB

*Additionally, upon further review, the hearing for 653 Simpson Howell Road has been REMOVED and CLOSED. The application was found to be invalid as information presented on 2/14/22 confirmed that the applicant for the variance are not the buyers who are contingent on the property and the variance applicant will not be purchasing the property. The buyers who are contingent on the property have NO association with the requested variance and are not interested in changing the use. The contingent buyers will continue to use the home as a single-family residence as allowed per our zoning ordinance.

If there are any questions on this matter, please call the Municipal Building at 412-751-2880.

Thank you!

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