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Severe Weather Flood Event

Due to the continued severe weather, Elizabeth Township urges our residents to report dangerous conditions immediately. We are continuously monitoring this situation and urge you to be on alert as well. The Elizabeth Township Police Department will have increased coverage throughout the night, particularly in riverfront areas. Please call 911 immediately if you experience any of the following:

- Smell of natural gas

- Flooding in-home

- Need evacuating

If you have a non-emergent complaint or safety concern, please fill out the “Severe Weather Event Concern Form” on the homepage of our website at  This form will be continuously monitored by our Emergency Management team and the proper units will be deployed as needed.

If you are experiencing a utility outage, please contact the appropriate utility helpline and also complete the “Severe Weather Event Concern Form” on our website.

We will provide an update if conditions change. Stay safe and when in doubt, dial 911.


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