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Historical Stieman Property


2560 Greenock Buena Vista Road is a property rich in history and memories with many stories to tell.  What started as a two-room log cabin constructed in the early 1800s, quickly grew into a place of gathering and dedication when the Stieman family purchased the property in 1943. Valentine “Val” Stieman grew up in the small cabin and lived in the home for the duration of his life.  Alongside his dedicated wife Pearl, Val Stieman took that two-room log cabin and – with several additions - turned it into an eleven-room, three-bathroom home that incorporated the carefully fitted logs from the original construction.

The Stieman’s valued kindness and togetherness and often hosted lively gatherings with local groups including the Board of Commissioners and the Lions Club.  Pearl took a special interest in keeping an immaculate home and loved to host these memorable events in her historic home.  True to his life of service and love of Elizabeth Township, Val gave up a job at the mill to pursue his dream of being a landscaper and left his mark on many recognizable grounds including the Yough Country Club and Mount Vernon Apartments. Using his landscaping talents, Val meticulously maintained roughly 30 gardens around the log cabin, each having its own theme.  As a testament to his dedication to the community he proudly called home, Val dedicated 28 years of his life as an Elizabeth Township Commissioner, an accomplishment his granddaughter LaRae Stieman says he was very proud of.  LaRae Stieman was extremely proud of her family and is honored to have their story shared and remembered for years to come.

Though the historical house no longer stands, the logs from the original build have been donated by LaRae Stieman to the Elizabeth Township Historical Society.  Protect Elizabeth Township will have a plaque made to commemorate this generous donation.

Val and Pearl Stieman along with their daughter, Edwanna, in front of their home.

Logs from the original construction in the early 1800s.  These logs have all been donated to the Elizabeth Township Historical Society by LaRae Stieman in honor of her family, who she loved dearly.

Fred Bickerton (P.E.T.), Carolyn Swain (Stieman Family), LaRae Stieman (Stieman Family), Kelliane Frketic (P.E.T.), Linda Bennett (Historical Society), Greg Butler (Township Manager), and Josh Walls (Ward 4 Commissioner), next to the logs that are to be donated by LaRae Stieman to the Elizabeth Township Historical Society in honor of Val, Pearl, and Edwanna Stieman.

Close up of the approximately 200 year old logs


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