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Comprehensive Plan Draft

Please see the below information that we received regarding the Comprehensive Plan Draft! This information is also available on our website under:

Community -> Comprehensive Plan -> Plan Review Draft.

What to expect from a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan outlines the community’s overall vision for the coming decades. As a planning and policy guide, it provides general direction for the community as a whole regarding key decisions and projects over time. As its name suggests, a Comprehensive Plan covers a variety of topics, such as the use of land, parks & recreation, housing, transportation, and municipal services. Keep in mind that the goals and actions of a Comprehensive Plan are generally broad and overarching and not meant to detail every specific community effort. The Comprehensive Plan also acts as a key communication tool for the Township by clearly informing and engaging external partners and stakeholders. Foremost, the Comprehensive Plan unlocks how and to what extent the investments of time, policy, resources, and efforts are directed for the advancement of the Township, its residents, and business community.

Paper copies available for review at the Township Municipal Offices, 522 Rock Run Road Elizabeth, PA 15037.

How to Comment?

Please offer your written comment by email to or mail to the Township offices at 522 Rock Run Road Elizabeth, PA 15037.


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