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Anticipated Snow


The local weather stations are predicting a significant amount of snow from Sunday (1/16/22) into Monday (1/17/22). Please use caution on the roads during these times and stay home if you can. Our road crew will work diligently, as always, to create safe driving conditions as quickly as they can, but please be patient as they have roughly 100 miles of roads to treat.

To assist our road crew as they work to treat our roads, please keep the roadways clear. It is important that our drivers are able to easily maneuver the plow trucks on every street without having to navigate obstacles. This includes street parking being prohibited. Vehicle owners in violation, who have adequate off-street parking, will be ticketed and towed. If you have been towed, please call C&D Towing to get instructions on retrieving your vehicle at (412) 469-9381.

Additionally, please move all basketball hoops off the street. Not only do basketball hoops hinder our road crews ability to properly plow the roads, but also is at risk of being hit by the plow trucks. The less obstacles our road crew has to navigate, the faster they can treat our roads and keep us safe!

When road conditions deteriorate, it is likely that our first responders will be out on calls for service at various locations. Please exercise caution when you see our first responders responding to calls, especially during tricky road conditions.

Stay safe this weekend!

Thank you!


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