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Administrative Staff to work Remotely on 1/17/22

Due to adverse weather conditions, the Elizabeth Township administrative staff will be working REMOTELY on 1/17/22. Although the administrative staff will not be in the office today, you can still reach us by email and by phone at 412-751-2880.

Join us in thanking our road crew for a job well done thus far! It is no easy feat to plow the nearly 100 miles of roads in these weather conditions, but they are working diligently to keep up with the steady snowfall. If your area still needs plowed/salted, please be patient, they are on their way as soon as they can.

Also join us in thanking our first responders for facing these adverse conditions to respond to calls. Winter weather often causes an increase in emergency calls to service, and our first responders face these conditions without hesitation to provide their services as quickly as possible.

Please, stay safe today and if possible, stay home. The road crew can plow more efficiently if there is less vehicle traffic. If you have to travel, please exercise extreme caution while driving. Again, please keep the streets cleared of any obstacles including vehicles and basketball hoops.

Stay safe and warm today!


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