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Please send an email to the Township Manager, Greg Butler, requesting a permit to metal detect in Elizabeth Township at

1. You use your detector only in areas where you are not interfering with other patrons. This includes but is not limited to parks, ball fields, shelters, and/or similar public areas.

2. You must not disturb turf, grass, sod, or any other plant material in the area. If you are extremely cautious not to contact any buried utilities, you are permitted to probe with a screwdriver or similar device.


3. You will help keep the township clean by disposing of any rubbish you may come across during your activities.

4. You will fill all holes.


5. You will relinquish to the township anything of historical value.

6. You will carry this letter with you as verification of your permission to use the detector at all times you are engaged in this activity.

7. You will surrender this letter and cease your activity if you violate any of the conditions or are otherwise asked to discontinue using your detector in the park

*Permits are only good for one year

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