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Drawing Filters and QRCode:Enable powerful drawing filters with the new Drawing Filter Palette. Filter on drawing symbols, shapes, text, numbers, etc. Add objects and attributes.Document Cameras:Scan, record and play back drawings to review and annotate files. This feature adds multiple cameras to AutoCAD that are automatically active when you import drawings or draw. (video: 1:33 min.)Add and subtract specific coordinate spaces:Redefine existing coordinate spaces with the new Coordinate Space Manager. Redefine spaces such as 2D to 3D, open model, local, and N-Dimensional.Support for importing and exporting XML:With new XML Export & Import options, you can export and import drawings in XML format and other data types.Cinematic:View drawings in a wide screen format using the new Cinematic Viewer. View at 15 frames per second and zoom in up to 3.5 times.Automatic housekeeping:Automatically clean up your drawings with a new option called “Remove abandoned blocks”. This feature automatically cleans up drawings by deleting all blocks that were not used in at least one drawing.Map tools:Make your own map easily and share it with others. Use the new Map Builder or the new Map Client to make 2D or 3D maps, and export them to a variety of formats.New advanced web service tools:Enable the new Line of Sight tool (LOS) to determine if lines of sight are obstructed by walls, windows, etc. The new distance tool (Dist) determines the distance between two points.Design intent options:Support for DXF template files in the DWG Import Designer, enhanced DXF Import, and XML Export and Import. This allows you to import and export designs to and from other applications that use DXF files.Structure Matching:Match structure information to existing drawings. Annotation tags can be applied to identify structure information or it can be applied to new features. You can also save or print labels.Multi-view:Use multiple views to make 3D and stereo drawings. Take advantage of the new multi-view editing, from the shortcut menu, by using the following options: rotate/orient, flip, pan, and zoom 2be273e24d

AutoCAD (Final 2022)

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