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2024 Draft Budgets

Elizabeth Township

2024 Proposed General Fund Budget


2024 Proposed Sanitation Budget

The Elizabeth Township proposed 2024 General Fund budget and proposed 2024 Draft Sanitation budget are available for public review and comment. Hard copies of each budget are available for pickup at the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building at 522 Rock Run Rd. Elizabeth, PA 15037. Digital copies of each budget are available on the Elizabeth Township website under the Announcement Tab at

Residents may send any comments concerning the budget to Township Manager Greg Butler at Mr. Butler will compile all comments and present them to the Board of Commissioners for consideration before adoption of the final budget.

The Board of Commissioners will vote to adopt the final budget at the December 4, 2023, Board of Commissioners meeting at 7:00 pm at the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building.

Greg Butler

Township Manager


2024 DRAFT General Fund Budget
Download PDF • 399KB

2024 DRAFT Sanitary Budget
Download PDF • 102KB


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