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Other Helpful Information

Police Report Request

Rather than using the "Township Right-to-Know" form to request a copy of a Police Report, please use the "Police Information Request" form.  Please fill out this form as detailed as possible so we can easily find the report you requested and efficiently fulfill your request. 

Accident Reports are $15 per copy

Log Entries are $20 per copy

When your report is ready, someone will call you and notify you that your report is done, and will instruct you to come to the main administrative office at 522 Rock Run Road to pick up and pay for your report.

Clicking the photo of our patch will direct you to the correct form.

Vacation Home Check

If you are planning to travel away from your home for an extended period of time and would like our department to ensure your home is safe and protected while you are away, please fill out the form by clicking the photo, and returning the form to the Elizabeth Township Administrative Offices at 522 Rock Run Road prior to your departure. 

PA Game Commission 

The Elizabeth Township Police Department works closely with the PA Game Commission to help enforce Pennsylvania Wildlife Laws.  

Clicking the photo will direct you to the PA Game Commission website. 

Sharp Shinned Hawk
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