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Fence or Wall - A structure designed for the purpose of enclosing space or separating parcels of land. The term "fence or wall" shall not include retaining walls that are designed and approved in accordance with the Township Grading Ordinance.


  • All property owners or contractors installing any fence or wall must apply for a Zoning Certificate prior to applying for a building  permit and prior to beginning construction.

  • The following items are required to obtain a Zoning Certificate:

    • Completed Zoning Certificate application

    • Survey or site plan of the property with the fence or wall drawn to scale and distance of fence or wall from side and rear property clearly indicated.

  • In Residential Zoning Districts, fences and walls no greater than six feet in height shall be permitted in the required rear or side yards, provided they are located at least one foot off the property lines.

  • In Residential Zoning Districts, fences shall not be erected between the minimum required front yard setback and the public street right-of-way.

  • In the S-C and R-C, Special Conservation Districts, and the B-1 and B-2, Commercial Districts, the maximum height of a fence or wall shall be eight feet.

  • In the M-1, Industrial District, the maximum height of a fence or wall shall be 10 feet.

  • All walls, fences and buffer areas or landscaping material shall be located so as to not obstruct pedestrian access or visibility for traffic on adjacent streets or traffic entering or leaving the property or adjacent properties and shall comply with the clear sight triangle


  • Fences that are no more than 6 feet high do not require a building permit.

  • Retaining walls that are not over 4 feet in height measured from the lowest level of grade to the top of the wall (unless the wall supports a surcharge) do not require a building permit.

  • Submittal of building plans (if applying for a building permit)

  • Contractor or property owner Certificate of Liability Insurance and Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance (if also applying for a building permit)


  • After submitting a Zoning Certificate application (and Building Permit application if necessary), the Township Zoning Officer will review the request. If approved, the Zoning officer will issue a Zoning Certificate and notify the applicant to pick-up certificate and pay the related fee. If denied, the property owner has the right to request a zoning variance with the Zoning Hearing Board.

  • The Zoning Officer will transfer all approved zoning requests to the Building Inspector (if necessary). The Building Inspector will review all building plans and contact applicants with approval or denial. Applicants must pay related permit fees when they pick-up the permit.

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