Water Quality

Water quality is very important and impacts each member of our community.  Simple things such as household chemicals, leaves, roof runoff, and snow salt can negatively effect our water's quality.  As a township, we are working to raise awareness on the importance of water quality, and how we the residents can aid in making our water top quality for all of us to use and enjoy.  Our hope is that by providing education and awareness, we will all begin to put more focus on our water quality, and work harder to ensure that our water quality is not being tainted.
Learn the importance of water quality by watching these short videos!

Additional Educational Tools

Involve the Kids!

MS4 Compliance

2/12/21 - In accordance with MCM 1.1 . . . Our Public Outreach and Education Program

2/15/21 - In accordance with MCM 2.1 . . . Our Public Involvement and Participation Program

2/15/21 - In accordance with MCM 2.3 . . . Illicit Discharge Information

more coming soon!


Elizabeth Township is a First-Class Township located in the southeast portion of Allegheny County. The township is nestled between the Youghiogheny and Monongahela rivers. We have affordable housing and many local businesses that create an incredible standard of living for the residents.


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