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Signs in Elizabeth Township

This announcement is to serve as a reminder of Elizabeth Township's policy on signs posted throughout the Township. Note that these guidelines do not apply to signs that you willing own and post in your privately owned yard. Temporary signs are NOT to be placed without a completed and approved temporary sign application and a $50.00 cash bond. The application and cash bond can be brought to the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building for review and approval.

Temporary signage includes:

  • Political Signs

  • Yard/Garage Sale Signs

  • Event Signs

  • Etc.

The Temporary Signage application can be found here:

Temporary Signage Application
Download PDF • 167KB

Please be aware of the following temporary sign regulations:

  • Applicant must post a cash bond of $50.00 with the Township at the time of application. If you follow the proper signage approval and removal procedures, your $50.00 cash bond will be returned to you after you have removed all signs.

  • Applicant must provide the name and address of a responsible person who is placing the temporary posters or signs, or who will be responsible for their removal.

  • Applicant must provide the general nature and purpose of the posters or signs to be placed.

  • Applicant must provide the date the temporary signs will be removed.

    • If posters or signs are not removed within ten (10) days after the removal date stated on the application, the Township will remove the signs and the cash bond will be forfeited to the General Fund of the Township.

  • In no case shall any such temporary poster or sign be posted for a period longer than 40 days.

  • Posters and signs may NOT be placed within any right of way within the Township of Elizabeth.

Please also be mindful that out of respect, signs/posters are NOT to be placed in the area of any Township Honor Rolls.

Also, it is important to note that utility poles throughout the Township are NOT owned by Elizabeth Township, but rather are the property of the utility company. The utility companies do not allow signs to be attached to or blocking their poles and may take legal action against the owner's of such signs on their poles.

Finally, if you put signs around the Township WITHOUT filling in the proper application and paying the $50.00 cash bond, Township staff will remove and discard of all unauthorized signage and you will not be able to collect your removed signs.

Being compliant with our Township signage requirements helps keep the Township beautiful, so we thank you for your anticipated cooperation!


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