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Revision of the 10-4-21 Agenda for the Board of Commissioners Meeting

Agenda changes were made at the Elizabeth Township October 4, 2021 Board of Commissioners Meeting. The revised agenda is attached, and a brief explanation of the changes is provided below. This announcement is in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 65 of 2021.

Resolutions #1 and #3 on the revised agenda replaced Resolution #1 on the original agenda. The original resolution was mistakenly provided to the township by the township engineers. The new resolution are the correct resolutions required for a grant application to the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County.

Non-expenditure motions #3 and #4 were added to the revised agenda because they were mistakenly omitted from the original agenda.

The Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed by vote to include all the above additions to the revised agenda.

The revised agenda is available here:

10.4.21 Agenda - Revised After Meeting
Download PDF • 123KB

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