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Bike Trail Closure

Construction has begun on the ~9 mile sewer line being constructed by Elizabeth Township alongside of the trail between the 15th Street Bridge in McKeesport and Whiteman Street in the village of Industry in Elizabeth Township. The first 16” pipe was installed recently and preparation work continues at multiple sites. Construction crews are working at multiple locations at the same time. The trail is being used by the contractors to move pipe, stone and spoil material to and from multiple points.

The trail is closed to all users 7 days a week (walkers/riders/horseman/skiers/snowshoers) from November 15th until approximately April 15th due to safety concerns including construction traffic, excavation work, and weather related conditions. Motorized vehicles are always prohibited. Also closed is the Boston soccer field and parking lot. The children’s playground remains open.

While a short term inconvenience, when this project is completed wet weather flows in to the River will be eliminated and the trail will be resurfaced throughout the project area. New gates, bollards and signage will be installed and the disturbed areas will be replanted. This project is a major win-win for those that enjoy the trail and the river.

Please be patient. We will keep trail users updated on a monthly basis.

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