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Sewer Lien Letters and Dye Tests


Sewer Lien Letters and Dye Tests go hand in hand. Both are completed at the same time.

A Sewer Lien request letter is sent to
Elizabeth Township at

522 Rock Run Road, Elizabeth, PA 15037

A $35.00 check is required. You may send a paid self addressed postage envelope if you require more than a faxed copy.

These letters are usually sent by the closing company. You should check to make sure this is being handled. On rare occasions, the seller has had to handle this themselves. Information that should appear on the request letter is:

  • Whether the request is for a purchase or a refinance of the property

  • Seller’s name

  • Purchaser’s name

  • Property address

  • Parcel #

  • Closing date

It is not necessary to do a dye test for a refinance but a lien letter must be completed. Sewer Lien letters and dye tests are not required for properties with a septic system. Lien letters are good for 1 month.

To order a dye test, the seller must contact a plumber that is licensed in Allegheny County. The plumber will arrange a time to Elizabeth Township’s Sanitation personnel at the home. Someone must be present to let them into the house. When the dye test is completed, our Sanitary person will deliver the text to the Municipal Building. The dye test form is available on the Elizabeth Township web page.

Once the dye test is delivered to the Municipal Building, an email will be sent to Legal Tax Service to see if there are any sewer liens on the property. When we hear back from Legal Tax Service, we will complete the process. A letter will be faxed (and mailed if you provide a paid postage envelope) along with the dye test certificate and print-outs of the sewage bills for the property. If any monies are owed, it states on the letter that the check(s) should be made payable and mailed to:

Legal Tax Service
P.O. Box 10020 Pittsburgh, PA 15236

No payment should be sent to Elizabeth Township.

Dye tests are good for 1 year, UNLESS the property changes hands within 1 year.  If this is the case, a new dye test will need to be performed. If the home was sold less that 1 year ago, please indicate this on your Sewer Lien request letter.

Liens Required to Sell a House:


Municipal Lien – $35.00

Sewer Lien – $35.00

Dye Test – Seller pays a plumber for this

Occupancy Inspection – $75.00


Residential Occupancy Inspection Checklist


Sidewalks and/or Driveway is in good repair (no tripping hazards).

Accessory structures is in good repair (sheds, fences, garages).

Pool(s) and/or Spa is in good repair with the required enclosure or barrier.

Exterior property area in good repair (grass trimmed/no weeds, free of debris or trash)

No unlicensed or uninspected vehicles on the property.

All exterior surfaces in good repair:

  • Foundation & Exterior walls are in good repair

  • No chipped paint

  • Gutters & downspouts are in good repair

  • Roof is in good repair

  • Doors must open and close without excessive force

  • Operable windows

Porch(es) and/or deck(s) are in good repair. Decks must have a protective treatment.

Stairs in good repair. Stairs with more than 4 steps must have a handrail.

Premises identification (address number). Building shall have approved numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.

Interior surfaces are in good repair:

  • Interior walls

    • No peeling or chipping paint

    • No cracked or loose plaster

  • Floor is in good repair (structurally solid)

  • Doors must open and close without excessive force

  • Sanitary condition meets standards

An approved steel door or solid core wood door must be between the garage and the basement or the interior living space of the structure

A finished ceiling is required when habitable living space is located above a garage.

Electrical System:

  • Receptacles in kitchen, bathroom, or within 6 feet of a water source must be ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles

  • Outside receptacles or receptacles in an unfinished basement must be ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles

  • Cover plates must be in place

  • No electrical hazards

Gas fired appliances must have a shut off valve at the appliance and be properly vented (furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, heaters).

Water heaters must have a drain tube on the pressure relief valve that comes to within 6 inches of the floor.

Plumbing: no broken or leaking pipes, drains, or other hazards.

Smoke Detectors:

  • Must function

  • One in each bedroom/sleeping unit

  • One in any hallway leading to bedrooms/sleeping units

  • One on each floor of the structure

NOTE: The inspector will also check for any visible safety hazards and violations not listed above. Any follow-up or re-inspections will require a re-inspection fee of $35.00.

Municipal Liens


A Municipal Lien Letter is required anytime a property is sold or refinanced. A $35.00 check made payable to Elizabeth Township should be mailed with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Municipal Building at:

522 Rock Run Road Elizabeth, PA 15037

You must have a Lien Letter with the official Township Seal at the time of closing.

The information required on the letter:

  • The seller’s name

  • The property address

  • The lot and block number of the property

  • The closing date

If there is a lien on the property, the closing company/property owner will be notified and a letter will not be issued until that lien has been satisfied with the Allegheny County Court. The Municipal Lien Letter is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issue, after which a new letter must be requested.


Elizabeth Township is a First-Class Township located in the southeast portion of Allegheny County. The township is nestled between the Youghiogheny and Monongahela rivers. We have affordable housing and many local businesses that create an incredible standard of living for the residents.


522 Rock Run Road

Elizabeth, PA 15037

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